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Here at Stir Up The Paint we are always looking for partners and venues to host events.

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Partners & Venues

Here at Stir Up The Paint we are always looking for partners and venues to host events. It’s a lucrative partnership in which the venue retains all of the revenue proceeds from the guests spending their dollars eating and drinking before, during, and after each event.

There are some criteria prior to filling out our submission form.


We ask that you have hard surfaced floors and no carpeting in the venue space as paint is difficult to get out of carpet, but easily wipes off of a hard surface. All paint is water soluble.

We prefer a semi-private or private space within your venue as the artist is on
microphone during their event. If you would like us to take over your entire space on an off night, please let us know if that is the case.

Hosting does depend on the availability of the artists and their schedules.

We prefer that the venue have a full bar and offer food choices. We are flexible with this depending on how many wineries and breweries we host each week that do not offer these services.
As with any partnership, we ask that you help promote your events via social media and also on your website if you have an event area or event drop down. This is not required, but is helpful to generate additional sales, which, in turn, brings the venue increased revenue

Tracking revenue from our events can be tricky because guests do come in early to eat and drink and may not order during the event. This makes it difficult to track revenue from the server’s sales.

Checking for an overall spike when Stir Up The Paint hosts events is probably a stronger indicator that we are bringing in additional revenue for the venue


We ask that you do not host additional Paint and Sip companies outside of Stir Up the Paint. We are happy to produce multiple events per week if the venue would like to host additional events


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